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Malaysia is a country that business people frequently travel to, in order to deal with new potential clients and also for annual business meets. Even for personal pleasure trips with friends and family, Malaysia is probably the best place that you can choose. There are so many places for you to visit and travel to in Malaysia that your holiday might fall short, but the list of places of interest and places that you must visit will simply not come to an end.

Whether you are travelling from somewhere surrounding Kuala Lumpur or from some other countries, you will need to plan your trip according to your stay in this country.


If you travel from Singapore to Malaysia, you might need to consider book Singapore car rental in Singapore. From the capital city of Kuala Lumpur to the coast lines and the long drive down the peninsula region, you will be able to plan your trip as per your requirement. If you want to roam about within Kuala Lumpur thoroughly and not miss out any of its travel and tourism hotspot destinations, you need to have a personal vehicle with you. There is nothing to worry about arranging for this vehicle. All that you need to do is simply go for a Malaysia car rental.

Make your friends, family and colleagues happy:

There is nothing better than planning a trip, where you can drive your own car ad set out from your hotel whenever you are in the need for a ride. Take your friends and family, simply grab your driving license and start driving in a car that you can have with you, as long as you are in Malaysia.

Even if you are travelling with your colleagues and want to make sure that they travel in style, then also this option of renting a car is the best one.

You can choose branded cars of any variant and with any capacity for your trips. Whether you are looking for a sedan, a hatchback or even a 7 seater, whether you want a minibus or even a limousine, you will be able to rent a car for all of your travelling needs. Plan your weekend at Malaysia or rent a car for your business annual meet as long as you are staying at Malaysia and make the trip most memorable.

Why choose a car rental?

Since you will not have to worry about calling a cab every time, waiting for a driver to come and take you to your desired destination, you can manage to choose a car rental service and drive the car that you have rented, all by yourself. Take your family for an outing and go for a long drive throughout Malaysia, without the interference of the drivers and shared travelling options like public transports. Just make sure that you have chosen the best car rental services for this task.

Enjoy Singapore like a local

The Asian countries have always intrigued visitors from across the globe to come and enjoy the natural resources and the beauty of nature in abundance. No other continent in this world has so rich and overwhelming culture, natural abundance and beauty in such affluence. And for an avid traveller like me, these are reason enough to travel to Asia time and again.

I have been to the Middle Eastern countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, the North Eastern countries like China and Mongolia in the previous years. But recently I started by trip across the South East Asian countries. My first trip has been to Singapore (book my KL car rental here >> <<  – the busiest trade centre in the world. With so many different cultures and people belonging to different nationalities living together in this small city-nation, Singapore indeed is a paradise and best tourist destination for travellers.

As a traveller, I always travel to a country after reading and acquiring knowledge of it. Hence, it was known to me that Singapore has a hot and humid tropical climate. But this did not affect me much as the entire city, except the roads, has air conditioning everywhere – in the shopping malls, in the amusement parks, in tourist destinations and every single place you can think of.

The places worth visiting:

ferry2Despite the dense population, I found green in abundance in the entire city. The Singapore Botanic Gardens boast the country’s idea and awareness of the necessity have green amidst the concrete jungle. The National Orchid Garden is worth visiting with some of the most unique and rare collection of orchids present in the garden.

Since Chinese culture and food have always attracted me, I found no reason to miss out the Chinatown Heritage Centre. With the 19th century and 20th century households recreated and maintained to give the visitors and feel of the authenticity is indeed a very enjoyable experience altogether. To top it, there was the freshly made Chinese food available all around the streets as the sun was set.

Choose a ferry trip:

Although the Singapore Flyer and the Singapore Zoo have been the most popular tourist destinations, I found the Clarke Quay Riverside experience and a ferry by the Singapore River made me feel the serenity of freshness amidst advancement. Food by the river and people from different communities all come together at this place. If you are looking for a panoramic view of the entire area around, come either early in the morning or during the early evening, before the crowds start to pour in. No doubt, this amazing experience will draw me time and again to visit Singapore. If you haven’t visited Singapore yet, think of this place as your next travel destination.

Nothing Beat The Beach of Langkawi

Getting over to Langkawi still fresh in my mind. Today, I want to write an interesting story about y visit in there. Before even boarding from India to Malaysia, I’ve booked Malaysia car rental earlier online, else it would be fall in darkness without a proper own transport.

Langkawi boasts beautiful beaches along with numerous islands. There are several resorts, lodges, hotels etc in Langkawi. It is estimated that millions of tourists visit Langkawi each year.

I came to know about its growing reputation in Bergen, Norway. I was awestruck to hear about its beautiful beaches and natural surroundings. Moreover, several tourists have benefitted by visiting Langkawi as it offers duty products along with vide range of options.

After reading about it online, I felt an irresistible temptation to visit it for once. I quickly gathered my stuffs and called my friends to chart out a plan to visit Langkawi. As we all know that Langwaki is one of the premier locations in Malaysia, so we booked our hotel in advance along with car rental facility.

My friends were also quite amazed to learn about such a wonderful holiday destination in Malaysia.


As planned, we boarded our flight in business class. We received a huge discount due to our air mile travel card. Moreover, my friends were enjoying among themselves with drinks, so on board I joined them and we discussed about our planned holiday trip in Langkawi.

We flew to Langkawi International Airport and drove our rental car to our hotel. Our hotel manager welcomed us and guided us with range of attractions throughout the day.


Langkawi is truly the best of all in Malaysia TRIP!

We were amazed to hear about numerous advantages of Langkawi. It has vivid places for tourists to visit such as Cable Car ride, Legend Garden, Oriental Village, Gunung Raya Mountain etc. After consuming our delicious lunch, we headed towards the mountain for a hike.

Though, the hike was quite difficult but it really boosted our morale and we really enjoyed our whole trip. The view from the mountain was great. We click several pictures and spent a memorable moment chatting with each other.

Entering Swanirvar Bengal

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